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                                                WE ARE ONE IN THE BODY OF CHRIST

 We welcome you to No Greater Love. A place where you can come and worship God in unity and we hope ignite your spirit, your relationship with Jesus or just get to know him a little better.  We encourage you to come with loving hearts and be prepared to create new relationships, meet new friends and hear some incredible music.  This weekend is your invitation to immerse yourself in the love of God. In order to ensure the safety of all of our NGL guests we have provided you with some valuable information below. Please make your self familiar with the festival policies. 



   The festival is located on the grounds of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and College in Cochrane Alberta.  This is located off of  Highway 22 North onto range road 43




 Parking is located on highway 1A at the Cochrane Agricultural Society .  SHUTTLES  will take you back and forth to the festival grounds at no extra cost to you.  You MUST HAVE  A PARKING PASS  which can be bought online with your tickets. Unless you HAVE  a handicapped sign for your car  or are a CAMPER DO NOT TRY TO  ACCESS THE FESTIVAL SITE AS YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY  AND CAUSE TRAFFIC BACKUPS. There is no access to general parking off of 22 North to the festival grounds. Any vehicles trying to park on roadways near the festival site will be towed.


Our general parking lots located on 1A  are high traffic areas so we ask that you please follow  signage, and volunteer directions for your safety and timely parking .

We do not allow camping or cooking on camp stoves, BBQs, etc. there at any time. 

There is no overnight parking in our parking lots.

Please be patient and follow the directions of our traffic volunteers.  


Shuttles will run from the Ag Center parking lots located on 1A to the festival grounds.  DO NOT TRY TO DROP PEOPLE OFF AT THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS. Please do your drop offs at the parking lot at the Ag center and board the bus shuttle to go to the grounds. As long as you have a ticket to the festival it is a free shuttle ride.


Handicapped special access parking is located on site and accessible from highway 22 North onto range road 43  to the festival site.

You MUST have a handicapped sign in your vehicle to get through security to the special access parking and a parking pass.  You can also drop off individuals with special needs in the special access parking lot where golf carts can transport them to the field. There is no special seating for handicapped individuals so please ensure that you bring what you need. 


Camping is located directly across the road from the festival. it is a short walk from the campground to the festival site. Only camping, shuttle, service vehicles and volunteer  vehicle traffic will be allowed from 22 North onto Range Road 43

Camping registration opens at 2 PM  on Friday July 31 and closes at 9:45 pm. No new camping traffic will be permitted after 9:45 pm for registration if there is a line up due to processing and all camping traffic is closed at 10 pm. If you arrive after 9:45 pm you will have to park  in town at the Walmart parking lot.   Once turning onto Range road 43 please follow signage, security and traffic volunteers directions.


Barbecues and fire pots. Town fire bylaws do not allow propane fire pots and barbecues or any cooking devices must be off the ground 



Wristbands must be worn at all times and shown for entry into NO GREATER LOVE  Festival and Campground site. Wristbands are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be replaced. If your wristband is removed or tampered with, you will not be allowed entry.  


Leave no trace and pack out everything you bring in. Festival site and Campsites must be kept clean. This is to be considered ROUGH CAMPING. Camping has no shower or electrical services however as a courtesy  porta potties are supplied. Make sure you come prepared for rough camping. Ensure generators are turned off when not in use and at midnight. Take all of your waste to the receptacles provided.  See camping under info tab for more information


You are responsible for yourself and your behavior . You assume full responsibility and liability for your participation in and attendance at the festival. This means you also assume all risks and dangers incidental to your behavior and participation at No Greater Love Festival, including loss or damage to property, personal injury or death, and hereby forever release, discharge and hold the Festival its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents or representatives harmless from any claim arising from such risk  


Only bring onto the field what you are going to need. This will help you get through security at a brisk rate. You will need sun screen, bug spray, hats, money, an empty  fillible drink container, camera, cell phone, folding lawn chair, good footwear. remember you are in an open field so good footwear is suggested, be prepared for any kind of weather, hot or cold, rain or shine.  


  Vehicles and personal bags and backpacks are subject to search by festival staff and volunteers for prohibited materials.

Patrons have a right to refuse checks but then will be refused entry to the festival grounds as this is a safety check to keep all patrons safe and secure and is a public posted policy of the festival.

We do not allow and will confiscate: external food or beverages, ( kids snacks are allowed and must be in a see through plastic bag or sealed prepackaged .

Special dietary needs will be accommodated with a waiver which must be requested with proof of need to

NO HARD SIDED COOLERS are allowed. (Personal sized thermal lunch bags only for kids snacks and special dietary needs with waivers only.)  Waivers must be presented at security with lunch bags.

No filled beverage bottles or glasses will be allowed.  Empty bottles .glasses,cups will be allowed. Free water stations will be provided on the festival site

No glass as in glass bottles, cups or anything that could break to become a weapon , household furniture, tents ( small mini children's size shade tents allowed) amplified music, drum kits, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/drones, print materials for distribution, unauthorized generators, pets ( registered service dogs welcome and must have identification on field and in campground), illegal drugs,  laser pointers, firearms/weapons, sky/Chinese/Kongming lanterns, NO umbrellas with a POINT, fireworks and other explosives.  

NOTE: Medical prescription cannabis legally is allowed HOWEVER  one must provide their prescription as proof it is medical.  SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE FESTIVAL SITE and will require a special area off site. You must provide your prescription to security to access this area.


No smoking or vaping of any kind on festival grounds. If you do smoke, you will have to do so off festival lands.  


No guest/patron public vehicles are allowed on festival site . Due to the high density of pedestrians in the area, we are unable to accommodate the use of personal motorized vehicles anywhere on our premises except for motorized scooters or wheelchairs used for accessibility reasons.   


Please be considerate of other festival attendees and volunteers. As an organization, we encourage creativity, freedom of expression of  a Christians individual faith and worship in God and respectful discussion, but not at the harm of others - regardless of attendees’ intentions.  We are the body of Christ in unity and promote love and acceptance showing Gods love. 

If you feel someone is behaving in a disrespectful manner or is negatively affecting your or another’s festival experience, please bring your concerns to a security safety volunteer as soon as possible so that we can address them in a timely manner. Folks who don’t follow these guidelines and create a negative atmosphere are subject to removal from the festival without refund.

It is also important to remember that the festival and campgrounds are subject to provincial and federal laws. Please respect the valuable work that law enforcement officers and our own safety and security volunteers do to keep everyone in our  Festival  community safe.


You consent to receive first aid. You consent to have medical treatment and/or transport that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the event. You release the FESTVAL and all persons participating in any such medical treatment of all legal liability in any such emergency actions.


  You acknowledge that people are using video and photographic cameras at the event and that your image may be captured on video or in photographs, which may subsequently be displayed or disseminated without your consent or payment of compensation to you and you release the No Greater Love festival from any legal liability for such filming, photographing or dissemination. You understand and accept that other than for personal use, images, film or video you obtain at the event may not be used without the prior written permission of the  No Greater Love festival


Please take loud conversations away from your fellow patrons in the seating areas. Please be respectful of   performers and other worship patrons  


Please take only the space you need and don’t block others’ views. If you have something that could impede someone’s view (e.g. higher lawn chairs, shade umbrellas, etc.) please sit at the back of the seating areas.  


  Please respect people’s space and be mindful of their belongings and Chairs over the course of the day. Umbrellas without point are allowed however they cannot impede sight lines to the stage. Kids mini igloo play shade tents are allowed.  Please take your chairs and all belongings with you every night or they will be collected by security staff and donated to charity.  There is no leaving chairs or any other personal things on the field overnight to save a space


These areas are for your family enjoyment. Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult or a sibling over the age of 10 in the Kids Kingdom and waivers will need to be signed for your child to access the playground. Waivers are good for the entire weekend.  Parents acknowledge that tweens and teenagers accessing the teen interactive games do so at their own risk


Ticket sales are available on line and are final. There will be limited gate sales .No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason, even if the event is terminated early or cancelled due to accident, nature, government regulation or conditions beyond the Festivals control.


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